Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Four Months & A Happy Tummy

 Ok, so I'm a little behind on my blog....Lincoln officially was four months on the 14th and I believe my last post was sometime around his 3 month mark...oops! I'll try my best to catch you up :)

We were able to find an in-home daycare with a friend of mine's mom and we LOVE it! Man, was I happy to get her message the day she found out she would have an opening! Leaving him with someone I had only met a few times just might have been too difficult. It gave me such a peace to know that Lincoln would be with someone I knew......a woman who prayed over me at night when I was little. Plus, she sends him home with these cute little notes: 

He currently loves to wiggle and roll! We have quite the little mover! Every night we lay him down on his back at the top of the crib and when he wakes up he's clear on the other end on his belly. Are sleep habits hereditary?? 
Tummy time is so much fun right now. He mini-push-ups and rolls himself all across the blanket....always a trail of spit-up to show how far he made it! Trust me, it's a pretty incredible five to ten minutes in baby world. I love the very last part when he pushes up on his hands and gives us a big grin.

He loves peek-a-boo and will gum to death anything in reach of his tiny hands. He is talking like crazy and has really started to laugh on a more regular basis lately. I think he even said "Hola" this morning.....just kidding. ;) He has the sweetest little laugh. His whole body scrunches together and squirms. 

It's so good to see him not hurting anymore. He was having a hard time eating and sleeping for awhile. I took him to our pediatrician who decided it was not only infant re-flux, but possibly a milk allergy, as well. He suggested I quit breastfeeding and add anti-acid drops to his bottle. We immediately noticed a change in our little man. He takes a full bottle without crying and arching his back and actually keeps it down. He also sleeps much more peacefully and is working his way to sleeping through the night. Now we just gotta add some chubby to those cheeks!