Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy fathers day da-da

Lincoln is extremely blessed to have so many wonderful men in his life. Not only does he have an amazing dad, this little guy has three grandfathers (Papa John, Grandpa H and Papa Mike) and four great grandfathers (Pawpaw, Papa T, Paw and Grandpa R). Wowza. I can spend every last minute of my time loving, nurturing and teaching him, but there are those things that he will need to learn from all these men. Luckily for Linc, he has more than a few great men to look up to.

This is Cameron’s first Father’s Day…well, I guess you could kind of count last year…..anyway...Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to see everyone, but we have several get togethers and trips lined up for that. Otherwise, it was an awesome weekend :) Last night we had a family cookout at my sisters for my dad. It is SO fun to have the cousins together! Seriously, the entire night we just watched them interact, amazed by the way their sweet personalities connected. Lincoln seems to be the most vocal of the group. He is easily entertained, but easily bored….and not afraid to tell ya so. Gatlin has his vocal spells and seems happy and content with whatever is in front of him (if one of the others snatches his toy, he simply turns his attention to another). Kyle is the quiet one, but you can tell she’s always plotting her next move. She is so sweet and loves those little boys. Without being prompted she would stop what she was doing, walk over and hug them. She wasn’t so sure about sharing her Bumbo, though….what is it with those things? Watching these three grow up together is going to be such a blast!

And my dad….well, he was in absolute Heaven. Almost all his kids and grandkids in one place…I heard him say a few time that’s the only gift he needed. That’s the kind of man he is. All he needs is his family and he’s the happiest man on the planet…(and his camera, of course).

For lunch Lincoln had some awesome bonding time with his Paw. When it comes to my baby, I feel like my heart melts a hundred times a day. This was one of those moments. His paw is such an affectionate, loving, positive man. He’s always got a smile on and you can’t help but want to hug him at least five times before leaving.

Cameron’s Father’s Day I kept pretty low-key. I tried my best to let him sleep in all weekend. This morning we had sausage rolls and after church we went to the park for a walk and photo session. I made baked chicken, sweet potatoes and bacon-wrapped asparagus for dinner and the remainder of the night will be devoted to the Thunder game. I am more than grateful to have such a wonderful husband and fantastic father for Lincoln.

Linc's favorite place to be
Cameron- You are the absolute light of Lincoln and I’s world. I’m not sure whose eyes brighten up more when you come home after work. You have such an amazingly kind heart, strong work ethic and your Bill Cosby impression and original lullabies always have us laughing. Lincoln and I love you so much and are more proud of you every day. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

SiX months...

Our little man has been up to so much over the past month! He has grown out of almost all his 0-3month clothing and though he's clearly not to a chubby phase, he has the cutest belly that just plops over the top of his pants...I find myself a little jealous, my belly falls over my pants sometimes and it's definitely not cute. He's really found his voice the past few weeks. He babbles nonstop and has even started throwing around some 'da-da-da's'. I love peeking in on him when he wakes up; there he'll lie just talking away to his very best friends...his toes :) He is our sweet, squirmy, lovable little Linc and he continues to change so much from day to day. 
A month ago he was bringing himself to all fours rocking back and forth as if he was about to take off. He has now definitely started to take off, but it resembles more of a military crawl right now. Put either his Sophie or little car in front of him and he will find a way to it. Because he's such a go-getter, we decided to sell the coffee table and invest in a few play mats. Now open: Lincoln Land!

At five months we tried avocado, which he loved! Since then we have also tried carrots, green beans, peas and sweet potato. The sweet potatoes were an instant favorite, while the carrots took a few tries. The green beans and peas....well, he had the same reaction to both: 

The next month will be a big one! This evening we are taking Lincoln for his first swim, tomorrow is Father's Day and in a few weeks he'll experience his first fireworks show. This month I have a feeling he will master the crawl...which means I better get moving on the whole baby-proofing stuff! We'll be working on sitting up and might possibly have a tooth appear. 

Lincster....buddy.....buds.....bubba....little man-
You have brought an unimaginable amount of joy into our lives. You captivate us with your bright eyes and beautiful, big smile. I can't wait for the excitement you have in store for us this month. <3