Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lincoln is {has been} ONE!

I realize I am a bit behind on this post…. Once December arrived it seemed as if someone hit the fast forward button to our lives….
 Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas #1, Christmas #2, Christmas #3-#23, New Years, first day of school, first day of daycare (cue meltdown)….and here I am. Finally throwing away the leftover turkey and birthday cake and taking down the Christmas tree. Whew.
 I started planning Linc's birthday around October and thanks to Pinterest his theme changed every week. I finally decided on Yellow (hints of Chevron), Burlap, and Owls. Since my amazing husband is the only one working, I tried to be frugal and attempted making as much as I could. Burlap is cheap yall! A few late nights and glue gun scars later I was ready!

I had this adorable shirt made last minute...Yes, husband, you bought me a sewing maching a few months ago, but there is no way I could've pulled this off ;) I found this on Etsy, through lilthreadzclothing. I highly reccommend her shop....Not only was his shirt here in a snap, but her designs her perfectly simple and oh-so-sweet.

Not yo mama's banana pudding, owl pops, & ONE centerpiece 
On the menu:
Not-yo-mama's Banana Pudding
Fruit kabobs (Pineapple, Blueberries, & Strawberries)
Owl Pops
Cheese & Cracker Tray
Veggie Tray with Ranch
*I obviously made a variation of the owl pops using orange wafers cut into triangles and skipped dipping them in chocolate. Hint: I would use less butter & more marshmellows with these. My owls slowly slid down. Better yet, test them out a month ahead of time....not the night before :)
*The pudding jars are small mason jars with burlap and a small piece of yellow
edging hot glued.
*The centerpiece is simply a 'birdsnest' and woodland accents borrowed from my mom. The '1' I painted with leftover paint from my dining room & the owl is from Hobby Lobby.
Happy Birthday burlap bunting, First birthday book & Welcome sign

 *The birthday bunting was easy peasy. I traced triangles on burlap, cut them out, and stenciled on letters with felt pen. After painting in the letters I simply hot glued burlap twine onto the back. Boom! I-look-expensive-but-am-super-cheap decoration.
It was so easy, I made two.
Not because I let my husband pick out the font on the first one and I hated it....just because it was easy. You believe me, right?
Watch Me Grow Banner
Highchair garland & Floating ONE :)
Easily my two favorites. Look at my little man grow....My heart just melts everytime I look at this (yes, it's still hanging).
*I painted an old frame from the garage & wrapped cardboard with burlap for the backing. The birthday hat I cheated on. I attempted one from a cereal box, totally not worth it. I bought an 8-pack of party hats from the dollar store, wrapped it in burlap & glued a yellow 'fluffy'(?) to the top.
*The highchair garland is scrap burlap & yellow fabric strips tied to twine; the backdrop is streamers. The 'floating ONE' are cardboard letters wrapped in burlap (this took the most time, by far) with owls perched on the top with hot glue. (hanging this sucker was a PAIN, enlist help)
First Birthday memory book
I have seen this done with a book matching the theme of the party, but I thought using Lincoln's baby book "1st birthday" page was even more perfect. Lucky me, this page is even yellow! The sign reads "Pleas sign here so Lincoln may always remember the celebration of his first year!"

Everything was going perfectly, after presents we quickly moved on to the most important part of the party....the smash cake! My lovely friend Amy M. made Lincoln's cake, another sheet cake & 24 cupcakes that were absolutely delicious! Did I mention I have the most amazing, talented friends?
As I was saying....all was perfect. Lincoln was cheerful and seemed to really be soaking in the attention as we all sang Happy Birthday.
Right as he was diving in, I insisted we derobe him.... Which led to this lovely kodak moment.  
 I guess he loved his shirt as much as mommy did :)
Yellow, Burlap & Owl birthday
 The Owl Lanterns were a simple touch I was rather pleased with. My first attempts looked more like puppies than owls, so don't lose hope if you try to tackle this one!

This picture was from our family celebration on his actually birthday during the week. Isn't that a lovely cake with the "chevron" stripe melting down the sides?!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

November. Start to Finish.

In effort to get myself caught up I will be attempting to cram an entire month into this one ;) 

We kicked off November with a mother/son 5k. This definitley wasn't planned, but my brother has become quite the runner and can have you committed to a race before you even realise what the conversation is about. So, my sister-in-law and I broke out the jogging strollers and took our boys for a joyride.
Linc loved it, my calves, not so much ;)
Let Freedom Run 5k, Jenks, OK

Jess & Linc
 watching Sid the Scince Kid

Just before Thanksgiving my pawpaw was scheduled for pretty serious surgery. I'm fortunate enough to be staying home with Lincoln until the end of the year so Linc and I loaded up with mom for a short trip to St. Louis.

Thankfully, little man stays pretty content on road trips....Ok, until he wants yogurt and the spoons you knew you packed have disappeared...trying to pour little yogurt droplets into his mouth? Went as smoothly as imagined....Go ahead. Please, try it.
And of course, he sleeps extremely well away from home too. Takes a little more cuddling and lullabying that's all. Oh right! That's until he decides he wants his pacifier....In that case, make sure you didn't pack them in the 'secondary' diaper bag you left by the door at home. Fabulous! Not to worry, as soon as we unpacked my mom found a nearby pharmacy and picked up a few. You know those sizes on the top of the pacifier package you've seen and all thought, this will never matter? When you desperately want your precious baby to sleep and he can't decide whether to gag on a gianormous pacifier or cry you will suddenly realize just how important this little detail is. Excuse me, why wasn't that part in your "know-it-all-mom" book??

Papa & Lincoln.
Once you get over forgetting everything you need at home and aside from adding an hour or so to your trip, lacking precious sleep and coming moments from possibly losing your mind, road trips with a baby to see family really is totally worth it.
When this moment arrives, the lack of sleep matters not.
And it won't even phase you that the only article of clothing your wearing without spitup, snot or milk on it is your underwear.

Up Next, Thanksgiving! It was little man's first Turkey Day....

Lincoln's first Thanksgiving Nov. 2012
I've never seen him eat so much! After both dinners we all indulged in long much needed naps and for two nights Lincoln slept 13+ hours! Can we please have this holiday twice a year?
Please ignore my son's lack of Thanksgiving realted attire. That's right, not a "My 1st" bib, no orange and brown, no turkey feathers on his bottom....Fail on my part? Au contraire! I blame his grandparents... the baby handbook states they are responsible for providing all cheesy "My 1st" gear.

Pa & Lincoln

This shot of Lincoln and his Pa (his great grandfather) after lunch I just had to include. We are so blessed to have the family we do. This little guy is so spoiled loved.