Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas for Halloween, anyone?

Short blurb on my absence:
After a two month hiatus, I am challenging myself to catch up on my blog that has been much neglected. Shortly after Lincoln's last update my computer took a little field trip from the table to the floor....(was this my fault or Lincoln's continues to be a hot debate). ;)
After a few weeks I learned everything on my hard drive was not retrievable.....everything. Thousands of pictures, school work, resumes, editing software....gone. I'm now forced to use my husbands computer which is nothing more than a device to check e-mail and write word documents - bleh. So, after scouring my social media sites to save every photo of my baby boy and downloading some basic software to this puppy I am attempting to make a come back.

Enough of my complaining already, huh? You came by to catch up on my handsome little guy, not me. I know, I know.

First up - Halloween.
We went through so many ideas when coming up with Lincoln's costume. At one point we even considered just skipping the dressing up gig....he can't walk, can't eat candy, can't play games. Would it even be worth it? Then my husband had a genius idea (crazy, right?) incorporate his walker into the costume. It was a risky move because he isn't always fond of his walker and it meant hauling the thing around all night. While brainstorming I remembered I found an infant Santa outfit at a Just Between Friends sale. Boom! Baby Santa in his sleigh  was born....let the attempt at crafting begin.

Baby Santa Clause - Halloween 2012
It was much easier than I thought & a huge success! We took him to our church's Pumpkin Palooza and the best part was not having to carry him around the whole time (and of course, everyone telling me how absolutely adorable he was). He cruised for almost an hour and loved every minute of it.
I had many people asking how I made this. It was honestly very simple. The entire thing is simply a cardboard box and scrap peices covered in duct tape. To cover the food tray on the walker I added a "hood" made from a spare piece of cardboard. Inside the sleigh I attached an envelope to hold an iphone playing Christmas tunes and filled the back with wrapped packages.
Now to only top this next year.....might be a toughie!
Here is a quick video of Santa in action. :)