Wednesday, January 2, 2013

November. Start to Finish.

In effort to get myself caught up I will be attempting to cram an entire month into this one ;) 

We kicked off November with a mother/son 5k. This definitley wasn't planned, but my brother has become quite the runner and can have you committed to a race before you even realise what the conversation is about. So, my sister-in-law and I broke out the jogging strollers and took our boys for a joyride.
Linc loved it, my calves, not so much ;)
Let Freedom Run 5k, Jenks, OK

Jess & Linc
 watching Sid the Scince Kid

Just before Thanksgiving my pawpaw was scheduled for pretty serious surgery. I'm fortunate enough to be staying home with Lincoln until the end of the year so Linc and I loaded up with mom for a short trip to St. Louis.

Thankfully, little man stays pretty content on road trips....Ok, until he wants yogurt and the spoons you knew you packed have disappeared...trying to pour little yogurt droplets into his mouth? Went as smoothly as imagined....Go ahead. Please, try it.
And of course, he sleeps extremely well away from home too. Takes a little more cuddling and lullabying that's all. Oh right! That's until he decides he wants his pacifier....In that case, make sure you didn't pack them in the 'secondary' diaper bag you left by the door at home. Fabulous! Not to worry, as soon as we unpacked my mom found a nearby pharmacy and picked up a few. You know those sizes on the top of the pacifier package you've seen and all thought, this will never matter? When you desperately want your precious baby to sleep and he can't decide whether to gag on a gianormous pacifier or cry you will suddenly realize just how important this little detail is. Excuse me, why wasn't that part in your "know-it-all-mom" book??

Papa & Lincoln.
Once you get over forgetting everything you need at home and aside from adding an hour or so to your trip, lacking precious sleep and coming moments from possibly losing your mind, road trips with a baby to see family really is totally worth it.
When this moment arrives, the lack of sleep matters not.
And it won't even phase you that the only article of clothing your wearing without spitup, snot or milk on it is your underwear.

Up Next, Thanksgiving! It was little man's first Turkey Day....

Lincoln's first Thanksgiving Nov. 2012
I've never seen him eat so much! After both dinners we all indulged in long much needed naps and for two nights Lincoln slept 13+ hours! Can we please have this holiday twice a year?
Please ignore my son's lack of Thanksgiving realted attire. That's right, not a "My 1st" bib, no orange and brown, no turkey feathers on his bottom....Fail on my part? Au contraire! I blame his grandparents... the baby handbook states they are responsible for providing all cheesy "My 1st" gear.

Pa & Lincoln

This shot of Lincoln and his Pa (his great grandfather) after lunch I just had to include. We are so blessed to have the family we do. This little guy is so spoiled loved.

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