Thursday, March 15, 2012


  Before we had Lincoln the things we had to make decisions about were pretty simple….how we would spend holidays, would we have joint bank accounts, Blue Moon or Bud Light? Our most difficult decision, by far though, was what we would have for dinner. Seriously.
Boy, did things change on December 14th. Dinner is whatever is easiest and as long as there is money in the bank, who cares how the accounts are set up! We now have more important decisions to make.
For example…..
  This week we’re confronted with “sleep training”. Lincoln just isn’t great at naptime right now. I lay him down just as he gets tired and as soon as I step out the door he cries. I come back in, he stops. We don’t want to spoil him by always rocking him; it’s just so hard not to do. But, we’ve decided we have to try something. There are so many different methods moms swear by: crying-it-out, patting their belly until they fall asleep, simply standing or sitting in eyesight. This part has been pretty difficult. Any advice, moms?

Speaking of naptime, I was rocking him on Tuesday and just as he had dozed off I realized I was watching some ridiculous soap opera. Definitely not my style, so I reach for the remote…which is, of course, just out of reach. Now what? Do I go for it and risk waking him, or do I wait the fifteen minutes until I know I won’t bother him? Well, I hate soaps. So, I went for it. Not the right choice, Cait. I might’ve gotten away with it had I not clumsily dropped the remote on the wood floor. Fail. Cue wide awake cranky Lincoln.

   And then there’s the pacifier.
They’re a sleep prop
It will cause baby’s teeth to grow outward. 
Your baby will become too dependent…. 
Wow. I had no idea it mattered so much…. So I decided we would not be using a pacifier. And we did great. For about four days. The third night home if Lincoln was not “comfort nursing”, he was crying. I’d say pretty much all night. So, thank you, MRMC for sending us home with a pacifier. We now have six. I was either going to lose my hearing or lose a nipple, possibly both. I have no idea why it helps, but it does. Plus, I’m sure his teeth will be just fine.


So many new decisions I just didn’t prepare for. Should I try to stay home or work? If I work, what about daycare? What kind of formula do we use? What kind of schedule should we set? Did you know babies had schedules??...Me either!  If someone gives us an OSU onsie, do we just take a picture and pretend he wore it all day?

  So. Many. Decisions.


  1. 1st of all your blog is quite possibly the most entertaining thingI read... 2nd of all I'm glad you are informing girls like me (that have not started families yet) with all this insight... my sister-in-law and I are very close and my nephew is 9 months old...but there are things I would've never thought to ask her and you with your quick wit describe them perfectly... 3rd of all I'm glad you gave that boy a pacifier so that you did not in fact lose a nipple. lol... 4th of all the OSU onsie part was my favorite... lol 5th of all I'm sorry that I don't have any "mommy insight" for you to help with these decisions you have to make but keep the posts coming... and the so very cute pics... love them... :-)

  2. I love your blogs, Cait. Thanks for sharing Lincoln with us. He is a blessing, as are you. As your mother can attest, the decisions only keep coming in waves as your child gets older. There are no perfect answers because every child is unique, and you will find what works best for him - as you have already been doing. The fact that you care that there are decisions at all makes you a wonderful mommy. I'm very proud of you. Aunt Nancy

  3. Hang in there! Just follow your heart and do what works for you! Just when you think you have got your child all figured out they throw another curve ball and then you have to start all over again! LOL

  4. You're doing great as a first time mommy! I love reading all your stories and seeing pictures. Thankfully, our foster babies primed me a little for when I become a mom, but I can't imagine how many questions you must have.

  5. I love your blog. So real and honest. Please keep them coming.