Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Overdue Post....

It's been almost 2 months since I have even logged into Blogger, let alone post! I'm not sure how this happened. Shortly after my last visit I worked my last day at the dentist office and was getting everything in line to go back to school. It was only six weeks ago, but so much has taken place since then. I can't wait to get into all of that with you in the next few posts, but for now I just want to fill you in on the happenings of my little man.....that's why I started this thing in the first place, huh ;)

Before Lincoln arrived I would spend hours on Pinterest 'pinning' all the things I was going to do; I'm sure many of you have done or are doing this :) Something I've seen many variations of are weekly/monthly/yearly photos. I found my perfect version and pinned it right to Linc's board. I'm sure you all know how that turned out. I had wonderful intentions, but my weekly photographs of Lincoln in the same position and place didn't quite turn out and soon had been revised to monthly. I decided to take one "professional" shot of Linc on the 14th of each month. Coming from a family of photographers means I've learned (and continue to learn) little tidbits here and there which means I will hopefully never have to hire an actual photographer. Here are August's:

 8 months!!!

 This little guy is really enjoying trying to feed himself lately! He still loves avacado and has really taken to green beans, carrots and bananas. We have a hard time convincing him to eat anything meat related. Surely, once he's had his first medium-rare tenderloin or fried chicken leg he'll change his mind. :)
 He's been pulling himself up for over a month now, but has recently started to let go and stand without assistance for a few seconds at a time. He's also starting to master his 'walker'. Everyone keeps reminding me how close he is to walking on his has this all happened so fast? I'm not ready, bubba, slow down!
 He's so happy and loving! No stranger is denied a charming smile, he absolutely loves to chat and has recently started to try giving kisses (awww....doesn't it just melt your heart?). His blue eyes are so bright and beautiful. They are most definitely an attention grabber....especially since he never closes them! I wonder sometimes if he is having a staring contest with an imaginary baby friend!

We are quickly approaching nine months.....Time, I need you to stand still every now and again.  

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