Thursday, October 25, 2012

One, two....TEN!

Since Lincoln was born it sure seems the months have passed by quicker than ever.... As much I beg time to slow down, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching the new things my little man learns each day. He is now ten months! His monthly checkup was last week and I'm stoked to tell you he gained 19 oz. over the past month.....we're back on the charts, folks! He weighed in at 16lbs 13oz.

Here is this months milestone chart from Babycenter:
Child's Age
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
10 monthsWaves goodbye
Picks things up with pincer grasp
Crawls well, with belly off the ground
Says "mama" or "dada" to the correct parent
Indicates wants with gestures
Stands alone for a couple of seconds
Puts objects into a container

He's 'meeting' all these goals....with a few exceptions, of course. He's not necessarily waving goodbye, he just waves sporadically, unless you want him to :). And if by 'container' they mean mouth, then he's got that down, too. No, I'm not just talking his mouth (because everything goes in there), he wants to put things in everyones mouth! His items of choice are his wooden blocks. He loves to carry one over in his mouth and transfer it to you, dripping slobber (and occasional banana mush) included.

He still randomaly says 'mama' and 'dada' to anyone and everyone, but he is finally saying 'mama' when I pick him up in the morning. Oh my goodness, this makes waking up such a joy (insert small tear).
10 month Lincoln, everyone. :)

A few other new things this precious boy is up to:
- Turning the page at story time....whether momma is done reading or not. I love watching him turn through the pages, he turns with a bright big smile with each new picture.
- Giving kisses and hugs. Again, not on command, but randomly he comes at us with a big open mouthed smile and lays it on us.
- He also took his first step! This was so exciting, yet terrifying at the same time. One second he's holding onto the couch playing and the next he turns toward us, lets go and takes two falling steps in my direction. I got so excited/emotional I think I scared him :)/:(..... I'm excited for a new chapter in his life, it's just crazy this moment has already arrived. This means a whole new kind of baby proofing, huh? That must be the reason I teared up.

I am so thankful to my husband for convincing me it was OK to follow my heart and stay home with my baby for a few more months. It has honestly been the best decision I have ever made. Never have I felt such pure joy and happiness. Never have I known the capacity for love my heart held. And never have I found such cuteness in a 'poop face'. 
I pray the next two months crawl by. I'm not ready for this fairytale to be over.

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  1. What a cute little boy! Found you through instagram, love your blog!