Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy Brain

Can't find your keys? Forgot about the birthday lunch last Saturday? Wearing your underwear inside out, again? If you have kids or are pregnant you probably use the 'Mommy Brain' excuse all the time. According to this article, even though you feel like you're losing your mind, you've actually become smarter. Mind blowing, right? I know I didn't actually become dumb during my pregnancy or lose half my brain cells since I've had Lincoln, but I sure do feel....well, downright stupid at times....and I won't lie thoug, blaming 'Mommy Brain' sure is easy!

Here are a few incidents I'd like to thank Mommy Brain for:

-I can't ever remember where my phone is. I have found it in my refrigerator, my sock drawer and medicine cabinet. About two weeks ago I needed both hands to carry a giant basket of laundry; I had no pockets so I simply put my phone on top of the pile and headed to the laundry room. Fifteen minutes I found it at the bottom of the wash....sparkling clean and totally destroyed. So maybe I've had this problem since I received my first cell phone, but it's a perfect example of something I can forever blame this 'mommy brain' thing on. :)

-The day after losing my phone I was headed out the door to work, went to lock the door, no keys. Not in the car, not in my purse, nowhere. Oh yeah! I put them in the diaper bag this morning when packing it for Cameron....Too bad that diaper bag was now sitting at daycare and I was at home with no phone! I had to facebook and e-mail frantically to try and find a What a way to start off a morning.

-A few months ago I was trying to build a good milk supply by pumping in between feedings. I probably would've had a freezer full had I put all the bags in the freezer, instead some days I suppose I just felt like putting them in the pantry. It also might have helped had I always remembered to attach a bottle to the breast pump...breast milk in your lap? no bueno.

-This month alone I have made it all the way to the bank twice where I open the tube and have left my deposit at home or at work. The tellers must think I'm just hoping the person in front of me left their money. Embarrassing? Yes.

-And I can't tell you how many times I've actually gotten Lincoln's bottle to my mouth before realizing what I was doing. Or gotten into the shower still half dressed. Or sang a ridiculous commercial jingle as a lullabye because I can't think of anything else (Only Braums gives you more, Only Braums gives you so much more)...Man, I really worry myself sometimes!

Like I said, it's not that I've actually gotten dumber since being pregnant or giving birth. I'm sure it's just I have so many new things going on in this brain that putting on two different earrings or only applying eye shadow to one's just going to happen sometimes!

Oh well, Lincoln doesn't seem to mind! 


  1. He is just TOO CUTE!! And getting so big!! :)

  2. Love it!! So THAT'S what i blame my forgetfulness on!! Four kids PLUS getting older!!

    (breast milk in the pantry is hilarious!)