Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rice Cereal, Anyone?

A few weeks ago we decided to finally introduce our little man to something other than boring old formula. What more exciting than rice cereal?! Bland, runny, smelly rice cereal. Yeah, Lincoln wasn't too excited either. After all the tummy trouble he'd been having we were more than a little hesitant to try anything other than formula, but when our pediatrician gave us the 'green light' we were all for it....Especially after he mentioned it might help him sleep through the night ;)
It definitely didn't go as we imagined. I knew it'd be messy, but I don't think the boy swallowed a drop! More cereal ended up on Lincoln's face and in my hair than in his mouth. I thought maybe he didn't like the flavor....I mean, have ya smelled that stuff?? So I bought the apple flavor during my next visit to the store. Nope, didn't help. That stuff came running down his chin as quickly as we put it in. It's been an incredibly messy couple of weeks, but pretty darn funny....especially when Linc accidently smacks the spoon right out of Cameron's hand and cereal flies (ok, maybe I'm the only one laughing at the moment hehe).

Stay tuned....Peas & Bananas are soon to follow!

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