Monday, January 16, 2012

4 Burnt Nipples & Some Lullabies

No, I don't have four nipples. I committed another rookie mistake.

New moms/dads/babysitters: Don't commit to anything around the house until your little one is in the 'deep sleep' state. I've learned recently babies spend more time in REM sleep (which is lighter and easily interrupted). and the first 15-20 minutes of sleep is said to be the lightest. This is information I wish I'd known when I decided to start in on my "To-Do's" last week. I put little man in his crib a few minutes after he'd fallen asleep and decided I would boil all the bottle nipples. Seemed like a great idea at the time, I promise. You guessed it, as soon as I put them in the water, Lincoln woke up and began crying. Next thing I knew I was smelling the burning pan and rubber ...Nipples! Crap! Well, one more Wal-Mart run for my husband. 

Something else on our Wally World list? A lullaby book, CD, singing animal...something. I've really enjoyed singing to Linc, but recently I've noticed I really don't know many lullabies. Wait, do the ABC's count? Man, have I worn out the ABC's & Jesus Loves Me! So the other night when he got fussy I decided to try something different. Slight problem, I couldn't think of anything and his cries were getting louder....quick, Cait, sing!

If you have a structured settlement, but you need cash now...

That's right, I calmed my son down by singing him that commercial. And I kept singing it over and over. Whatever works, right? I've since decided to start him out young on Dave Matthews...his favorite right now is "You and Me". My husband, however, thinks he prefers 50 cent & Lil Wayne.

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  1. I just love reading your posts! They are humerus, but I know it's good advice to those of us that will be Mommy's one day. Your little guy is adorable!