Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Latest Favorites

Oops! I didn't realize it had been this long since my last post! Good news, everything is going great! Still some hiccups each day, but we're totally starting to get the hang of this :)

I don't have much time this afternoon, so I've decided to list some favorites from the past week.
....Wow, Lincoln is 6 weeks today....Time is passing too quickly!! 

My Latest Favorites!

  • Lincoln smiled Monday! and he's been smiling more all the is beyond precious! Yes, I know you're dying to see...
  • Our new swing & chair.
    Lincoln is too small for the swing and chair so we decided  I bought ones meant specifically for newborns (another Ebay & Craigslist score!) . I used to hate the thought of baby stuff cluttering my house....Well, I now have a bassinet, highchair, jogging stroller, 2 swings, 2 vibrating chairs, and a mini crib...that's not too much. Right? 
  • Daddy Time! Watching Cameron with Lincoln makes my heart smile :) 
  • Online Shopping! Ebay, Etsy, WalMart, CraigsList....I suppose it's a good thing I'm heading back to work soon, I'm getting a little out of control.
  • The Mail!
    From my online shopping, of course :) I love getting packages! I used to forget the mail altogether, but with new baby things coming everyday I practically wait by the door (got my sling yesterday!).
  • Bathtime! The entire process is not always pleasant, but I love watching all of Linc's expressions. You can see his little mind working as his feet touch the water. And no matter how quickly we transfer him from the warm bath to his towel, it's not quick enough....

  • ELLEN!! I can't believe I hadn't seen her show before, she is absolutely hilarious! Seriously, just TiVo it one time.
  • Visitors! Not only did I see my mom and Mike this weekend, but some very good friends surprised me with a visit! Made my day :)
  • Free Stuff!I've declared the last hour of Linc's afternoon nap "Free Stuff Scour Hour". There are so many free samples, coupons, reward programs, & contests for new moms...surely I'll win something.

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