Monday, January 16, 2012

One Month!

Our little guy is already one month! 

To celebrate we ventured to a friends place for the evening...Ok, really just to finally get ourselves out of the house. Our first few outings were during Christmas when he slept the entire time, but now that he stays awake a little longer I have been super nervous about taking him out. This was kind of a trial run (thanks Brittany & Shiloh)!
I'll save you the play by play of sleeping, crying, eating, crying and sleeping by saying this: Boy am I glad we have great friends that are patient and love us because it was not as easy as I had imagined. He didn't cry the entire time and I'm sure it was worse in my head than it really was, but it was pretty stressful nonetheless. I do count the evening a success, though, we were out of the house for four hours! Score! Oh the little things that excite us now :)

Each day is a new experience, some much more trying then others, but not one that I would give back.

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  1. Oh My! This picture of Lincoln and Cameron is absolutely adorable... quite possibly the cutest daddy/baby pic i've ever seen... love their expressions.... and I just love ur blog so much... humorous, entertaining, and informative lol keep it up! :-)