Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rookie Mistakes...

Linc is officially four weeks today; the days are passing too quickly already. He is growing and changing so much every day, it's really going to be difficult when my maternity leave ends. I return to work in 2-4 weeks (it's still in discussion) so I'm soaking up every last minute second that I can with my little man. He's such a fun and alert little guy....well, when he isn't sleeping that is! 

Now, a few Rookie Mistakes from my first month...
(I have a feeling this may become a regular part of this blog!)
  1. When changing a dirty diaper...get the dirty diaper out of the way! Don't leave it on the changing pad...Those wiggly little legs will have those cute little toes buried in poo in a matter of seconds.
  2. Use the 'peepee teepee' (if you have a boy, of course). Even when you're in a's just too risky! 
  3. After washing the suction bulb make sure there is no water left inside. Yep, I did it. I squirted him right in the face as I was closing in on the nostril. Side note: Maybe don't have the tip pointed at your baby's face period as you squeeze...*good thinkin, Cait.
  4. When you're using a baby monitor, you actually have to remember the monitor handheld. I can't tell you how many times I've been doing things around the house and that thing is still sitting on the charger in my room! Thank goodness I live in a small house. 
  5. While nursing Lincoln this afternoon I desperately needed a drink, but both hands were sweet husband offered to help by pouring his drink in my mouth. Bad idea. Lincoln, myself and my Breastfriend (hehehe...that name still makes me giggle) were covered instantly in Dr. Pepper 10. What were we thinking??
  6. Don't shop online at 3am while nursing or trying to put little one back to sleep...this is just a bad, bad idea. I promise! (Dang that Ebay app makes it way too easy!)
My poor son...poopy feet, water shot to the face and drenched in pop....all in one day. Obviously, we're learning a little at a time. I'm sure there will be plenty more days filled with many more rookie mistakes, but at least it gives us plenty to laugh at when we go to bed and we'll have plenty of stories for this little guy when he gets older. :)


  1. You are already a GREAT mom! I love that you are righting these things down....wish I would have. It's amazing how much there is to learn!

  2. Hilarious! Oh the joys of motherhood and having a little boy...I wouldn't know anything about the "peepee teepee" lol but I definitely had to learn a few things the hard way too! Like one major thing would be when clipping your babies nails make sure for the love of God that you don't get there little skin...yeah I did that to Brooklyn and her poor thumb bleed and bleed I cried forever! That was the first and last time I clipped her nails until she was like two years old. LOL!!! Well enjoy your bundle of joy bc they really do grow up fast I can't believe Brooklyn is 5 and starting school this August and Paris is already 4!!!! Good luck! =)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this and laughing along with you -- I remember making a couple of those mistakes myself....

  4. What a sweet baby boy! Glad you are learning these mistakes now so I can learn from you :)